Inclusive Curriculum


Dr. Esther’s Youtube Channel “highlights underrespresented scientists, researchers, innovators and more from the past, from the present, and ones to watch out for in the future!”

The Underrepresentation Curriculum Project was designed to help students critically examine scientific fields and take action for equity, inclusion and justice.’s Guide to Diversity and Inclusion in STEM

NoireSTEMinist®, LLC is an educational consulting company. Dr. Carlotta A. Berry offers workshops, presentations and demonstrations on diversity in STEM, women in STEM, mobile robotics education, and engineering education.

Student Autonomy

From Georgetown - Teaching and learning take place in a context shaped by power dynamics. You can shape the class to give students more agency over their experience.

Pink Time -Skip class, Do Something of your Choice, Grade yourself

Alternate Assessments- Assessments and grading can support student autonomy by giving agency to students and emphasizing a growth mindset.

Problem Solving Studio- The Problem Solving Studio: An Apprenticeship Environment for Aspiring Engineers

Collaboration over Competition

The University of Michigan- These activities help students to examine group relationships and learn about each other beyond appearances on their own terms.

From Bates- PDF Group/Team Work Guide in STEM Courses: Some resources and ideas for constructive and inclusive group facilitation. Includes instructor checklist.

From Vanderbilt - Using cooperative learning groups effectively. This site includes some theory, ideas for facilitating group work, as well as assessment/reflection strategies.

From Berkeley- Diversity Can Benefit Teamwork in STEM. This site makes the case for why teamwork is important to enhance the diversity of perspectives and ultimately innovation. It offers additional resources for facilitating diverse group work.

Safe Spaces for Failure

Alternate Assessments- Assessments and grading can be more inclusive by adding structure and emphasizing a growth mindset.

Inclusive Assessments- Learning happens differently for each student; a traditional or narrow set of assessment practice may not capture demonstrations of learning.

Equitable Assignment Design-resources by Indiana University Bloomington. Assignments designed with equity in mind ensure that all students have optimal conditions in which to demonstrate their learning.

Labor based Assessments-Labor-Based Grading Contracts: Building Equity and Inclusion

Problem Solving Studio- The Problem Solving Studio: An Apprenticeship Environment for Aspiring Engineers