The Hidden STEM initiative supports the growth of a diverse and inclusive STEM community through educational research, curriculum development, and faculty training.

A brief history

It all started with a long phone call in the Summer of 2020. Feeling exhausted and powerless in light of social and economic inequalities, we decided to put our heads together and envision what concrete actions we could make to alleviate some of the inequities that we saw around us. Though a small part of this larger conversation, the Hidden STEM initiative came from our common values to use our influence as faculty at a top 30 college to create an Engineering curriculum that was inviting, inclusive, and responsive to the needs of our underrepresented students.

In Fall of 2020, Dr. Lauren Lowman and Dr. Erin Henslee received the Engineering Unleashed Fellowship from the Kern Family Foundation, and the beginnings of the Hidden STEM project came to fruition.

Recent Accomplishments

A brief summary of our team's accomplishments and dissemination activities.

2021 WFU Program for Leadership and Character Presentation
2021 ASEE Paper on Inclusive Curricular Practices
2021 KEEN Conference Workshop
2021 Slippery Rock University Presentation
2020 Dr. Lowman and Dr. Henslee named Engineering Unleashed Fellows
2019 Pint of Science in Winston-Salem

Work with us

We are always seeking new collaborations to expand the impact of this initiative.